Picture Quest (All in one Picture Book) Customized For Kids

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    Has Hindi Varnamala With Phonics (Swar (14), Vyanjan (36)) 

    Also Kid Cartoon Character will be added... Check Video For More Details...


    Has 12 Colours, with cute example picture for each colour...  

    Check Product Video For More Details (All in one picture book) ...


    Total English Alphabets, Capital and Small Letters (26+26), Also gets Cartoon Character of the kid --- Check Video for more Details,....


    Vegetables Themed Numbers (Your Kid will appear like a Vegetable Seller), numbers from 0 to 20, number names with 0-20, countable vegetables in each number... 

    Kid Photo will be included (Check Video for more details).


    25 2D shapes and 15 3D shapes, with its names and Cartoon Character of the kid Holding a shape will be included...

    Kid Photo will be included (Check Video for more details).


    30 External Body Parts and 10 Internal Body Parts...

    Kid Photo will be included (Check Video for more details).


    5 Senses, and short explanation  on hot it works, cartoon character of you kid is included...

    Kid Photo will be included (Check Video for more details).


    25 Birds with their names, multicolored... 

    Check Video for more details.


    Wide variety of Insects, children will learn 29 Insects...

    Check Video for more details.


    Kid cartoon character will be added in Farm life theme, 18 Farm animals with their picture and names. 

    Kid Photo will be included (Check Video for more details).


    20 Wild animals (Pictures + Names) with cantonized kid photo.

    Kid Photo will be included (Check Video for more details).


    25 Wide variety of Vegetables (Pictures & names), multicolored

    Check Video for more details.


    25 Wide variety of Vegetables (Pictures & names), multicolored

    Check Video for more details.


    Planets, Solar System, Kid appearing as Astronaut in two places, and other outer space things... 

    Kid photo will be included, Check Video for more details.


    26 Music instruments with its names, kid will be portrayed as a Guitarist...

    Kid Photo will be included (Check Video for more details).


    16 Wide Range of Flowers with its names...

    Check Video for more details.


    21 Opposites (Multicolored), Check Video for more details.


    60 Professions with well illustrated images and names. Check Video for more details.


    198 country flags with its names, multicolored...

    Check Video for more details.


    20 Vehicles, cartooned kid, who is portrayed as a Jet Pilot... 

    Kid Photo will be included (Check Video for more details).


    4 Seasons and 14 Emotions, well illustrated with names ... 

    Check Video for more details.


    28 Sea Animals, Cartooned kid as a Aqua Boy or Mermaid (if its a girl kid)...

    Kid Photo will be included (Check Video for more details).


    India Location in World Map, multicolored state names with its capital, union territories and few more ... Cartooned kid holding Tiranga..  

    Kid Photo will be included (Check Video for more details).


    National Symbols, National Anthem, Pledge, Population and other details.

    Check Video for more details.


    Indian Currency and coins, credit and debit card (With Kid Cartoon character)..

    Kid Photo will be included (Check Video for more details).


    Starting with Great Grand Parents, Grand Parents, Parents, kid and siblings (More like a Family tree), you should share pictured of them through WhatsApp.. 

    Family members Photos will be included (Check Video for more details).

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Features & Compatibility

Buy all in one Picture Book —- “All in One Picture Quest” by ZustKids is a groundbreaking educational product designed to ignite the curiosity and learning potential of young minds. With over 30 diverse categories and a promise of regular monthly additions, this customizable adventure allows parents and children to tailor their learning experiences.

The journey begins with fundamental concepts like colors and shapes, where 12 vibrant hues and 40 2D and 3D shapes come to life with the charming presence of a kid cartoon character. As the exploration deepens, children dive into the intricacies of the 5 senses, body parts, English alphabets, and numbers, all accompanied by engaging explanations and delightful illustrations.

Venturing further, the product takes a comprehensive approach to learning about the world, encompassing space exploration, wildlife wonders, farm and sea animals, and an exploration of global cultures through flags and national emblems. The inclusion of diverse professions, a musical odyssey, and language learning (Hindi) adds a dynamic and enriching dimension to the educational experience.

The product is not just about information; it’s an immersive adventure with a kid cartoon character accompanying learners in each category, creating a personalized and evolving journey. The book’s interactive design, crafted with laminated thick sheets and elegant steel rings, ensures durability, making it waterproof and tear-proof. The added feature of being scribble with dry markers provides a reusable and wipeable surface for continuous engagement.

“All in One Picture Quest” is more than a picture book; it’s a gateway to holistic learning, embracing the joy of discovery, fostering creativity, and laying a strong foundation for a lifelong love of education. This meticulously crafted product exemplifies ZustKids’ commitment to excellence in educational resources, offering a unique and dynamic learning experience for children.

Pay only for the Categories You Choose :

The flexibility for parents, teachers, and tutors to choose specific categories tailored to their preferences and the ability to customize the content for the unique needs of children, especially those with autism, adds a significant layer of accessibility and inclusivity. Let’s include this important aspect:

🛠️ Customizable Learning Experience:

  • Parents, teachers, and tutors can curate a personalized learning journey by selecting specific categories that align with the child’s interests and developmental needs.

💡 Flexibility in Payment:

  • Enjoy the freedom to pay for only the chosen categories, making “All in One Picture Quest” a cost-effective and tailored educational investment.

🌐 Inclusive Customization:

  • Embracing inclusivity, the product offers customization options based on individual requirements. This is particularly beneficial for children with autism, ensuring that their unique learning needs are met through a tailored selection of categories.

👥 Ideal for Parents, Teachers, and Tutors:

  • Whether at home or in an educational setting, parents, teachers, and tutors can leverage the adaptability of the product to create a learning environment that suits the child’s preferences and learning style.

Holistic Learning for All:

  • With the ability to choose and customize categories, “All in One Picture Quest” becomes a versatile educational tool suitable for a wide range of learners, promoting inclusivity in education.

This additional information emphasizes the product’s adaptability and commitment to providing an inclusive learning experience for children with varying needs, reinforcing its value and relevance in diverse educational settings.

Introducing “All in One Picture Quest” by ZustKids – A Customizable Educational Marvel for Growing Minds!

  1. 🎨 Color Category: Explore the world of colors with 12 vibrant hues, igniting creativity in your child.
  2. 🔷🔶 Shapes Galore: Learn 2D and 3D shapes with 25+15 variations, accompanied by an adorable cartoon character.
  3. 👀 5 Senses Adventure: Discover the wonders of sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing with engaging explanations and a delightful kid cartoon character.
  4. 👶 Body Parts Exploration: Uncover the intricacies of the human body with 30 internal and 10 external parts, fostering self-awareness.
  5. 🅰️🔠 English Alphabets: Master the alphabet with 26 capital and 26 small letters, each accompanied by a cartooned character of the kid.
  6. 🔢 Counting Numbers: Dive into counting with numbers 0-20, set in a vegetable-themed world where the kid transforms into a vegetable shop owner.
  7. 🚀 Space Exploration: Embark on a cosmic journey with planets, solar systems, galaxies, and comets, featuring the kid as an astronaut.
  8. 🐦 Birds Wonderland: Encounter 25 bird species with colorful images and their names, bringing the world of birds to life.
  9. 🐜 Insect Safari: Explore 29 varieties of insects, each accompanied by their names for an enthralling insect adventure.
  10. 🐄 Farm Animal Fun: Meet 18 farm animals, with the kid cartoon character immersed in a farm life-themed wonderland.
  11. 🦁 Wildlife Wonders: Discover 20 wild animals with captivating pictures and names, as the kid cartoon character joins the adventure.
  12. 🥦 Vegetable Kingdom: Learn about 25 vegetables, enhancing knowledge about healthy and nutritious foods.
  13. 🍎 Fruit Fiesta: Explore 25 fruits through colorful images, making learning about fruits a delightful experience.
  14. 🎵 Musical Instruments: Introduce 26 musical instruments with the kid appearing as a guitarist in this melodic category.
  15. 🌸 Floral Paradise: Discover 16 varieties of flowers, each with its name, creating a vibrant floral world.
  16. ↔️ Opposites Wonderland: Grasp 21 essential opposites through multicolored illustrations, making learning fun.
  17. 👩‍🏫 Profession Exploration: Explore 60 professions with well-illustrated images, broadening career horizons.
  18. 🌏 Flags of the World: Encounter 198 country flags with names, fostering global awareness.
  19. 🚗 Vehicle Voyage: Cruise through 19 vehicles, with the kid cartoon character as a Jet Pilot guiding the journey.
  20. 🌳 Seasons Sensation: Experience the four seasons with beautifully illustrated pictures, enhancing seasonal awareness.
  21. 😊 Emotion Expedition: Understand 14 emotions through well-illustrated pictures, promoting emotional intelligence.
  22. 🅿️🇮🇳 Indian Language Learning: Learn 14 Hindi Swar and 36 Vyanjan with pictures, phonetic sounds, and English words, accompanied by a cartoon character.
  23. 🌊 Sea Adventure: Dive into the depths with 28 sea animals, featuring the kid as a Qua Bor or a mermaid based on gender.
  24. 🗺️ India Map Journey: Explore the 28 states and 8 union territories of India with a kid cartoon character holding the Indian flag.
  25. 🏛️ National Pride: Discover 21 national emblems, including India’s population, national anthem, pledge, and other key information.
  26. 💰 Currency Exploration: Learn about 14 Indian currencies and coins, with the kid cartoon character making financial education engaging.
  27. Family Tree (Category 27 – Family): 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Explore the rich tapestry of family bonds with the Family Tree category. Gather pictures of great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, and siblings to create a visual representation of your family’s history. This heartwarming addition allows children to connect with their roots, fostering a sense of belonging and an appreciation for family relationships. The kid cartoon character joins the family journey, making this category a special and cherished part of the “All in One Picture Quest” – a true celebration of family love and connections.

📘 Interactive and Durable Design: The “All in One Picture Quest” is crafted with laminated thick sheets, bound by elegant steel rings, ensuring waterproof, tear-proof, and durable pages. The book is designed for interactive learning, allowing scribbling with dry markers that can be wiped clean and reused.

👦🏻 Kid-Centric Experience: Featuring a big cartoon character on the cover and 14 appearances throughout, the “All in One Picture Quest” ensures an engaging and evolving learning journey. As new categories are added each month, the kid’s presence increases, creating a dynamic and ever-expanding educational adventure.

📚 Benefits:

  1. Holistic Learning Experience:
    • Engages children in a comprehensive learning adventure covering over 30 diverse categories, including colors, shapes, numbers, family, and more.
  2. Customizable Education:
    • Allows parents to tailor the learning experience by choosing specific categories that align with their child’s interests and developmental needs.
  3. Visual Stimulation:
    • Stimulates visual learning through vibrant and captivating images, enhancing memory retention and comprehension.
  4. Family Bonding:
    • Introduces a unique Family Tree category, promoting family bonding by incorporating pictures of great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, siblings, and the kid into a visual representation of the family’s history.
  5. Skill Development:
    • Fosters a range of skills, including color recognition, shape identification, numerical counting, language development (English and Hindi), emotional intelligence, and global awareness.
  6. Cognitive Growth:
    • Promotes cognitive growth by exploring diverse concepts such as space, wildlife, professions, and more, encouraging curiosity and critical thinking.
  7. Language Learning:
    • Facilitates language learning through exposure to English and Hindi alphabets, phonetic sounds, and vocabulary building, enhancing communication skills.
  8. Global Awareness:
    • Cultivates global awareness with categories like Flags of the World, National Pride, and Currency Exploration, fostering an understanding of diverse cultures.
  9. Fine Motor Skills:
    • Enhances fine motor skills through interactive activities, such as scribbling with dry markers on the waterproof and tear-proof laminated pages.
  10. Emotional Intelligence:
    • Develops emotional intelligence by exploring the category of Emotion Expedition, helping children recognize and understand various emotions.
  11. Creativity and Imagination:
    • Sparks creativity and imagination by incorporating a kid cartoon character throughout the book, encouraging storytelling and imaginative play.
  12. Family Heritage Appreciation:
    • Instills an appreciation for family heritage and connections with the Family Tree category, creating a sense of identity and belonging.
  13. Durable and Reusable:
    • Crafted with laminated thick sheets and elegant steel rings, ensuring durability, waterproofing, and tear-proofing. The book is also reusable, allowing children to scribble with dry markers and wipe clean for repeated use.
  14. Engaging Learning Journey:
    • Provides a dynamic and evolving learning journey with the promise of new categories added each month, keeping children engaged and excited about education.
  15. ZustKids Educational Excellence:
    • Backed by ZustKids’ commitment to educational excellence, ensuring that “All in One Picture Quest” is a trusted and valuable resource for children’s learning and development.

Incorporating these keywords and highlighting the multifaceted benefits of “All in One Picture Quest” will make it easily discoverable and appealing to parents seeking a holistic and interactive educational tool for their children.

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